Experiment beyond – Grow humans to grow ideas

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Release 25/4-24


Illustrations by Erik Petri

The world desperately needs new ideas to meet the challenges we face; climate, war, food, water, and other global crises. Our society needs ideas to solve social injustice and cultural clashes. We all need ideas to prosper in life and get the most out of it.

It turns out that most of us are unfit to em- brace ideas from beyond, because of our exist- ing thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Without new ideas, we cannot make new choices and take new action. Fortunately, it is all learned patterns that can be changed. If we grow, our ideas will grow too.

The Experiment Beyond Framework presented in this book combines human transformation and idea development to a magical experience of cre- ating from the source of life. It will inspire you to leave the known and allow you to unfold the potential beyond expectation and imagination. In easy, fun and rewarding ways.