NOT JUST FOR LAUGHS – From the Echo Chamber of Cartoons – 90 years of Danish Cartoonist – 1933-2023

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Why did Uffe Ellemann Jensen, minister of foreign affairs, call “the talented cartoonists the
most professional political spin doctors of our time”? Why did the architect and controversialist
Poul Henningsen want more satirical drawings that “disintegrate public morale” and especially
“patriotism and other sorts of self-abuse”? And why did the poet and novelist Klaus Rifbjerg ask
“cartoonists to unite/ around his breakfast table”?

Well over a thousand words have been said about illustrations – also about cartoons. By the
cartoonists themselves as well as by the people like Eugène Delacroix, Oscar Wilde,
James Thurber and David Wallis – and even by the one and only ChatGPT. And now also
by Søren Vinterberg who has discovered quotes and added some new ones – illustrated
by more than fifty members of The Danish Association of Cartoonists. The 90 year
anniversary book of Danish Cartoonists is finished at the stroke of a pen
by showing off the works of the seven Pentel Award recipents.

The book is written by Søren Vinterberg and illustrated by Mette Ehlers, Erik Petri, Bob
Katzenelson, Maria Prohazka, Anna Pedersen, Brian Dall Schyth, Claus Seidel, Simon Væth, Morten
Løfberg, Thomas Iburg, Ib Kjeldsmark, Rasmus Sand Høyer, Roald Als, Lars Vegas Nielsen, Jon
Skræntskov, Jens Julius Hansen, Niels Bo Bojesen, Jørgen Bitsch, Thomas Thorhauge, Lars
Jakobsen, Ditte Lander Ahlgren, Lars Andersen, Allan Buch, Gitte Skov, Toril Bækmark, Lars Ole
Nejstgaard, Henrik Flagstad, Peter Hermann, Annette Carlsen, Jens Hage, Ida Noack, Louise Thrane
Jensen, Mikkel Henssel, Lars Refn, Per Marquard Otzen, Morten Voigt, Clara Selina Bach, Stine
Spedsbjerg, Rikke Bisgaard, Christoffer Zieler, Mia Mottelson, Jørgen Saabye, Otto Dickmeiss, Arne
Sørensen, Adam O., Phillip Ytournel & Peter Klæstrup.
The book also contains "The Pentel Award" written by Bob Katzenelson and Steen Iversen.